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Deliver high-quality, automated experiences in every interaction.

Intelligently route your clients to the right agent using uContact’s auto-dialers and other high-quality voice channels. Lower your response time and power up your productivity levels by 300%.



With uContact’s Preview dialer, you can minimize your wasted time between calls by automatically dialing a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available. This way, you can make sure your customers don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.

voice preview illustration
voice preview illustration



Like the Preview dialer, the Progressive one calls the agent first and, when he/she becomes available, it forwards the call to the client. The only difference is that, in this case, each client will be assigned to a specific agent.


Reverse progressive.

The Reverse Progressive dialer is a new configuration of uContact’s Progressive dialers. This mode enables the system to call clients first and then transfer the call to the agent he was assigned to. This way, not only do you identify voicemails more easily, but you save your agents’ time as well.

voice preview illustration
voice preview illustration



When paired with uContact’s Predictive dialer, the system calls multiple numbers at once and as soon as the client answers, an agent is connected to them. The best thing about this type of dialer is that it ‘predicts’ when the agent will become available again and starts dialing based on his/her average wrap-up time.


Power dialer.

Based on data built over time, uContact’s Power dialer can tell the average number of calls the system needs to make on any given list in order to connect to a person. And the best thing is you can set the over dial and the maximum possible outbound calls, and you can change it without stopping the call queue.

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Interactive Voice Response.

Shorten call handling times, free up your agents and increase your productivity levels using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This software allows computers to interact with customers and gather information through voice commands and key inputs.

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IVR Features.

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, which makes it very simple to make changes in your IVR system (like operating hours or holidays) and updating your clients.
  • Effortlessly access, connect and collect customer data by using our own CRM, or integrate yours!
  • Virtual hold, to allow your customers to be called back.
  • Include virtual hold to allow your customers to call back.

What is Interactive Voice Response?

It is a technology that allows computers to interact with human beings through voice commands. With it, you can enable the dial pad to identify, segment, and route callers to the most appropriate agent within your team.

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Voice Broadcast.

Send recorded messages, static or dynamic surveys, or reminders, or even redirect a client to a certain campaign within a certain period of time. Pair up with uContact’s Voice broadcast and eliminate the need to have live agents on certain queues.

Automatic Call Distribution.

Intelligently route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent or department within your company. Put your business on autopilot using uContact’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software.

voice broadcast illustration

Other voice features.

  • virtual hold illustration

    Virtual Hold

  • web call back illustration

    Web Call Back

  • inbound outbound illustration

    Inbound, outbound or blended campaigns

  • conference call illustration

    Conference call

  • softphone illustration

    Softphone video call

  • intelligent routing illustration

    Intelligent Routing

  • list upload illustration

    List upload, mixing & recycling

  • dispositions illustration


  • text to speech illustration


  • screen form popup illustration

    Screen form popup

  • call recordings illustration

    Call recordings

  • amd illustration


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