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Analytics & Reports

Make better,
data-driven decisions.

Use uContact’s complete –and customizable– set of reporting and analytics tools that will keep you up to date on what’s happening at your Contact Center at all times. Get a thorough insight on your performance in real-time and all the data you need to achieve every goal you set.

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Workforce management.

Accurately align your workforce with your contact volumes using uContact’s powerful Workforce Management module. Find the ideal balance between customer satisfaction and increased Contact Center productivity.

Forecast multichannel demand.

uContact’s Workforce Management (WFM) module uses Machine Learning to make sure the right number of agents, with the required skills, are available when you need them.

Agents have their own portal.

Give your agents the power to be in charge of their workday and schedules. Allow them to see their schedules for the day, request changes, and switch shifts with other agents.

Handle your workforce based on real-time data.

Create your own reports and receive daily KPIs on your campaigns, agents, and interactions’ performance. Good data equals good decisions.

Real-time dashboards.

Stay up to date with what’s going on in your Contact Center at all times. With uContact’s real-time dashboards, you can get different KPIs on your agents’ general and individual performance. Know how many agents you have available, how many are on a break, how many outbound, inbound or blended calls were made, abandonment rate, wrap-up time, and much –MUCH– more!

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Reports & alerts.

Make smarter, better-informed decisions using uContact’s 300+ preset reports, or create your own using our Reports Designer. The best part is: you can schedule them for specific date & time and put your data to work. Also, you’ll receive alerts when something happens, because we don’t want you to miss a thing!


Keep your agents motivated and reduce staff turnover using uContact’s Gamification module. Create games, set daily objectives, give monthly rewards & badges, and stimulate some healthy internal competition among your staff.

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Agent Coaching.

Help boost and perfect your agents’ performance at all times. With uContact, supervisors can monitor agents’ conversations, whisper advice only they can hear during a call, and communicate internally making the most of our collaboration tools. Work together and find the best solutions for your clients.